Name: Alexandra "Mirabell" Winchester
Alexandra Winchester 1

Alexandra Winchester

Age: 19

Ethnicity: British

Relatives: Amelia Winchester(Younger Sister)Hannah Winchester(Younger Sister)

Affiliation: Mithril's Self-Defense Force, The Winchester Family

Rank In Self-Defense Force: Major


Alexandra is a Calm Collected individual widely respected by her colleges and citizens throughout mithril. 

She takes a situation and strategically thinks it through, when in a bad spot she thinks of all the possibilities and ways to avoid unnecessary actions.

Her hobbies involve reading books and occasionally drinking her favorite drink, Darjeeling Tea.


Alexandra Mirabell Winchester is the Heir to the prestiegous Winchester Family. A very wealthy family known throughout city-states for being involved in both military, and political affairs. She was raised learning both leadership skills and military tactics.

She enrolled in Mithril's top academy at the age of 14 and graduated at the age of 17. She has taken up a role within mithril's self-defense force and is climbing her way up to the top. She is also currently helping her friend dalia experiment on a new type of mobile weapon.


  • Alexandra in Uniform
  • Alexandra with her tea
  • Alexandra and her Lieutenant Dalia

Tense Aura - To some they say she is capable of summoning a small amount of energy that appears gold when around her it can cause people to have headaches or loose conciousness when around her.

Keen Swordsmanship

Quick Reflexes

Sharp Accuracy