Name: Amelia "Kalyn" Winchester

Amelia Winchester


Ethnicity: British

Relatives: Alexandra Winchester(Older Sister) Hannah Winchester(Younger Sister)

Affiliation: The Winchester Family, 1st Freedom Fighters


Unlike Her Sister she is very energetic, stubborn, and timid when it comes to being in a tight situation. She is easy going, has a tendency to be lazy, and knowns what's right from wrong. 

She claims to be justice itself in mithril city but most people see her as nuisance.

She enjoys sleeping, lazying around, having fun, and travelling around the place in her spare time.
Amelia's Main Theme "BEATLESS"

Amelia's Main Theme "BEATLESS"


Amelia Winchester is the younger sister of alexandra winchester. A very free spirit individual. She is currently in roled in Mithril Academy. Her curiousity sparked interest at an early age as to why the city was covered by walls and why there were underground tunnels. This led to her and a few buddies to create the 1st Freedom Fighters of Mithril. Which is currently just seen as a band of rag-tag students that just cause trouble wherever they go. 

She is an unusual spirited person as scientists examined her finding a strange power deep within her. Something similar to alexandra's aura but it is unconfirmed.


Lightweighted Feet - She is known for having light feet by that meaning she has very fast feet and can run pretty quick yet far distances.
  • Amelia Winchester

Unrecorded Abilities (More coming soon)