Name: Dalia Roswell

Dalia Roswell

Age: 18

Ethnicity: British

Affiliation:The Roswell Family, Mithril's Self-Defense Force

Rank In Self-Defense Force: 1st Lieutenant


Dalia is a well-found and honorable woman. She is very loyal to alexandra and mithril itself. She is devoted to doing her best and is the head technology researcher for mithrils armed forces. 

She enjoys having tea with alexandra and occasionally helping out anyone.


Dalia Roswell reigns from the Roswell family. She is the heir of the prestiegous family that mainly resides in political affairs and the research department. She is a 1st Lieutenant of Mithril's self-defense force and her superior officer she works with is alexandra. She is also part of mithrils armed research team. 

She is currently working on an experimental mobile weapon called the tank. With only a few prototypes near completion.


Magnetic Pulse - She's capable of creating a magnetic field around her body attracting or repelling anything metal towards or against her. She can come in handy in dire times.

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