Teinosuke Hirai
Vital statistics
Position Body guard
Age 32
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

HistThere really isn't anything important about the Hirai family tree. They're not insanley famous, but that doesn't mean they're not known by anyone. They're in the middle. Faintly known for their participation in defense for city-states. As for Teinosuke, he, like many other Hirai men before him are a strong, well mannered, yet silent. Being urged to follow in the many ranges of defense, Teinosuke took on the job, of a body guard. Resulting in the shaking of his father's head, since he see's that title to be the lowest of the low. But Teinosuke shrugged this off, leaving his birth home to live with the family to whom he was guarding.Edit


Ice manipulation: Inherited from his mother's side, Teinosuke is able to manipulate ice. Make it form on any surface, any condition, and at any time. This is his only line of defense and attack.