The Hex Organization is a widely known organization throughout the city-states. It is a powerful organzation ruled by the Hex Mainframe itself which is a computerized artifical intellegance that stimulates and stabilizes city-states and the regulations outside the walls.
Hex Dome

The Hex Dome where the mainframe can be found inside.

It is mainly known for bringing humanity together after a long undocumented war many years ago.

The Top Brass of Organization consists of the mainframe itself. A high ranked priest or priestess, A lore keeper, And finally an S-Rank Enforcer. 

The lower ranks primarily consists of messangers, diplomats, and citizens who claim to be a part of it.

- The Mainframe resides in the center of the city-state known as Mithril.

Current Ranks IssuedEdit

Lore Keeper- Eli 

High Priest/Priestess -

S-Rank Enforcers - Noro and Suzuya

Messangers -

Diplomats -